Benefits for Catering

RTS failure technology -
HMI/ HCI human- computer- interaction -                    
IATA code 37 process documentation in real time -Decreasing process times in/ at aircrafts -                         Decreasing process times at plant truck ramp gates -           Optimized truck payload area -                                       Optimized plant storage area -                                         Increased number of truck turnarounds -                       Adjustment of truckfleet -                                               Ergonomic AEC loading processes for staff -                     Aircraft loading and unloading without truck-aircraft -         in-and-out-traffic of staff moving equipment                       Adjustment of all operational costs -                                   Less manpower in transport departments -


Benefits for Airlines 

Efficient cleaning & catering processes in cabin -               Early cabin availability for passenger boarding  -                 Adjustment of process-times in aircraft position -                 Early aircraft availability -                                               Early start of pushback process -                               Gentle treat of cabin and equipment procedures -             No modifaction of excisting aircraft galley equipment -         100% load- no left behind of galley equipment -               Decrease turnaround galley equipment in catering plants - Active process-partner for fast aircraft turnovers -               Active RTS & AEC support in all IRREG situations -             Active supporter for more aircraft flighttime -